La Vola (Spain)

by  Katrin Kaltschmidt

July 27, 2012

The environmental services company LA VOLA is  the  first  Spanish  GreenBuilding  Partner.

LA VOLA got the Partner Status in July 2006 with its new office building inaugurated a few months before. The building is situated in Manlleu, in the province of Barcelona. With a total area of 1.100 m², the building hosts approximately 50 persons.

A reduction of the total primary energy demand of the building by more than 30% has been obtained compared to a conventional office building due to an optimised building envelope, a highly efficient lighting system, low consuming electrical equipments, use of solar energy for DHW and electricity production, high efficiency heat and cold production systems, and a centralised energy management system permitting to adapt the energy consumption to the thermal load of the building at each moment.

Building type

Office Building (New Building)

1.100 m²

Energy savings

  • 31 % primary energy savings compared to   conventional office building
  • Electricity consumption reducted by 27 %
  • Gas consumption reducted by 40 %
  • CO 2  savings: 13.500 kg  CO 2  / a

Measures performed

  • Optimised building envelope (ventilated   facade, automated movable shading devi  ces, high insulation levels, green roof…)
  • Heat and cold distribution by radiant floor
  • Heat recovery systems and air preheating   in greenhouse facade
  • Cross-ventilation with interior patio
  • Air quality control sensors for optimised air   renovation
  • High efficiency lighting system and low  consuming lifts
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production
  • Centralised energy management system