SEVEn Středisko pro efektivní využívání energie

by  Katrin Kaltschmidt

July 27, 2012


Americká 17
120 56 Praha 2 
Tel.: +420 224 252 115
Fax.: +420 224 247 597

SEVEn, Středisko pro efektivní využívání energie  (The  Energy  Efficiency  Center) was established in 1990 as a not-for-profit consultancy firm. Its activities are aimed at overcoming the obstacles preventing the effective  use  of  the  potential  energy savings in the practical life of households, industry, commerce and the public sector.

The  mission  of  the  company  SEVEn (herein  the  Company)  is  environmental protection  and  support  for  economic development  through  more  effective energy usage.

The  Company’s  aim  is  to  build,  actively use and continually improve an integrated system  of  management  with  the  aim  of continuously  improving  the  quality  of  its services so that it becomes one of the best European consultancy firms.


  • Energy saving, energy services and energy management
  • Financing projects in the area of the energy industry
  • Energy supplies, renewable energy sources
  • Low-energy architecture
  • Emissions reduction programmes, preventing climate change
  • Managing energy projects, foreign activities
  • Energy concepts, audits and feasibility studies
  • Seminars and Conference