Knowledge Sharing Strategy

by  Alessia Vecchiet

October 12, 2012

The Knowledge Sharing Strategy is an important tool of GovernEE to impact policy-making and disseminate the project results. It has four outstanding aims as follows:

-       creating synergies between project activities and outputs,

-       providing framework for the operation of the Local Focus Groups and the Competence Centre,

-       identifying the major stakeholders and key targets groups with necessary ideas and inputs for the project, and

-       creating a platform for opening up the project GovernEE to the outside world.

To achieve these aims, the document defines knowledge sharing as such, its specific features, its main objectives, as well, as the project’s vision relating to the knowledge sharing.

Once the project’s aim is to influence decision-making from the bottom up to the European level, the framework conditions of the operation of the Knowledge Network shall be set up. First, major target groups are supposed to be identified and addressed. The Strategy lays down the method for stakeholders’ identification and engagement. Then the levels of knowledge sharing shall be dealt with, ensuring that the detection, sharing, monitoring and dissemination of the learnt knowledge start within the partnership. Afterwards the local pillars of knowledge sharing, namely the Local Focus Groups play important role in involving local stakeholders and generating a dialogue between the project and themselves. Subsequently regional and European stakeholders shall be reached out to secure political support, continuous funding and the feasibility of the project’s goals by transferring project results beyond the partnership.

Thus it is the Competence Centre which accumulates all knowledge produced by the project and makes them available for actors working in the thematic fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, inside and outside the partnership.

All in all, the Knowledge Sharing Strategy is an important tool to assist the accumulation of the professional results of the project and to establish a dialogue with the stakeholders of the field. This way the sustainability of projects results and the continuation of the project’s activities can also be established.

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developed, providing basis for the operation of Knowledge Network, for the identification and involvement of relevant stakeholders, and for the dissemination of project results

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Mr. Kazmer Kostenszky


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