Presentation of GovernEE at the 59° edition of the MODERN HOUSE EXHIBITION in Udine

by  Alessia Vecchiet

October 03, 2012

GOVERNEE project presented by CETA in the 59°Fiera Della Casa Moderna (Modern House Exhibition) in Udine

From 29 September 2012 to 7 October 2012 the 59° edition of the Fiera Della Casa Moderna (Modern House Exhibition, took place in Udine, Italy.

This yearly event, is dedicated to the modern houses, building sector, new materials, design, renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, thermal solar, heat pumps, boilers and domestic biomass plants) and energy efficiency in the concept of bio-houses and ecological houses.

The Exhibition has also an intense daily programme of conferences, workshops and seminars, both for technicians and for the public. One of these conferences was called this year “Sostenibilità in pillole” that means “Sustainability in pills”, where CETA participated presenting two projects. One of the two projects was GovernEE project, presented in detail by the CETA staff.

After the presentation, the brochure of the project and more info were given to the interested people. During the presentation, the website of the online Competence Center of GovernEE was presented and divulgated, together with the explanation and presentation of the Showroom and of the next Energy Day that CETA is preparing for November 2012.

In the following pictures the presentation of CETA, the location and other areas of the Fiera Della Casa Moderna are reported.