The importance of realizing a local action plan

by  Alessia Vecchiet

January 21, 2013

GovernEE project gave a very important tool for increasing concretely the energy efficiency interventions and energy saving in any Country.

The Guidelines for Elaborating a Local Action Plan on Energy Efficiency, produced by the Municipality of Bologna as lead partner of the activity and with the support and feedback of whole partnership.

These guidelines, (downloadable here: Guidelines_EE_LAP), help and support any Municipality that would like to make energy planning and realize concrete interventions.

In each partner’s city the Energy Efficiency Local Action Plan is going to be prepared by the partnership, favouring in the future the realization of interventions if the municipal council will promote it. Public building stock is deeply analyzed proposing all scenarios of interventions in buildings themselves. At the same time, potentiality of RES in each Municipality are evaluated and also the possibility of installing some RES plant is considered.

Once all six Local Action Plans will be ready, they will be uploaded and published in the oCC as case study for promoting further Local Action Plans for interested public administrations.
If applied at wider level this can contribute to significantly reduce the GHG emissions bringing the Country or Region to reach the EU targets by 2020.