I lighten less – I enjoy and I learn more! (M’illumino di meno – Mi diverto e imparo di più) 2013 Edition

by  Alessia Vecchiet

February 26, 2013




New event for promoting EE in particular in the use of light and electricity took place in Trieste on last 15 February 2013: in this ambit the model of the Eco-Sustainable House and the plastic of the Electricity/Heating grids produced in the ambit of GovernEE project (i.e. models produced for the 2nd Energy Day of November 2012) were used, for promoting the project activities to the families and children sensitizing them on the topics of EE in buildings.

To coincide with the National Italian Initiative “M’illumino di meno” (“I lighten less”), the Imaginary Science Center of Trieste proposed an extraordinary opening in the evening with special activities dedicated to energy saving and energy efficiency for children, families, all people.

The great Italian initiative M’illumino di meno on energy efficiency and energy saving was promoted and presented from 20.00 to 23.00 in Trieste and Pordenone: the event allowed to visit a dedicated area in an atmosphere of playful semi-darkness and with a series of activities/didactic laboratories destined to children, families but also general public on the topics of energy and aware consumption.

The special laboratories in Trieste

Un po’ di luce sulla luce – A bit of light on the light : it started at 20.00 and was a gratis lab directed to families where adults and children had the occasion of investigate the light and light sources behaviour experimenting some applications: circuits games, electric wires, light bulbs games.

Terra di notteThe Earth by night: a didactic and game laboratory for children from 5 to 10 years old that allow to assemble electric circuit able to illuminate a small “Earth by night” : this allow to learn the concept of light pollution.

Bagliori di risparmio – Glares of saving: in this section the reflectors were directed on the practices of sustainability and energy saving in the museum area of the Imaginary Science Center that gave hospitality to the big interactive position promoted by Ecolamp, the no-profit consortium that works on the collection and treatment of flat dead light sources.

The area welcomed also the model of Eco-Sustainable House produced by CETA in the ambit of GovernEE project together with the plastic model that represent the Electricity/Heating grids. These models, produced for the 2nd Energy Day of the GovernEE project, were used in this event for accompanying the visitors in a pathway dedicated to the consciousness consumption of the energy, the respect of the environment and of its resources. The brochures of GovernEE were distributed to the participants.

The laboratories were free of charge, but required a reservation. The visit was opening to everybody with ticket to buy at the entrance but with a very reduced price for favouring the fruition and the diffusion of knowledge. Children below 6 years old entered for free.

The number of visitors and participants was in total 102.

Some pictures of the event are reported below!

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