3rd Local Focus Group Meeting

by  Erika Krojidlova

July 09, 2013



GovernEE project, operated in partnership with Metropolitan District Prague 11, will be soon completed. Therefore, final meeting of “Local Action Group” was organized to evaluate key outcomes of the Project, both by experts and stakeholders.

The project manager welcomed LFG members and outlined the meeting agenda. All participants were then invited to a conference entitled “Possible Energy Savings in Public Buildings”.

Consequently, project outcomes were presented, including diverse documents, brochures, manuals for policy – and decision makers in the area of energy efficiency. Participants learnt about the “Online competence centre” presenting activities carried out under the project, providing at the same time the possibility to comment on the project outcomes and documents and a platform for discussion with energy efficiency specialists across Europe involved in the project.

The agenda followed with the presentation of Action Plan for Metropolitan District Prague 11, currently in almost final version. LFG members were presented with specific measures proposed within the Action Plan that might result in energy savings in public buildings.

Measures recommended under the Action Plan will be implemented in Ke Kateřinkám primary school, chosen as a pilot building. Short-term measures proposed by the specialists include placement of thermostatic heads, medium-term activities will focus on water distribution evaluation, and replacement of doors is intended in long-term plan. The deputy principal informed that currently it will be necessary to focus on walls in corridors suffering from bad insulation and soaking during rains, which results in energy losses. Therefore, this point should be included in the Action Plan. LFG also recommended implementing these pilot measures in one school, and should they prove effective, they can be used in other buildings. Moreover, the Action Plan should also include best practices and experiences gained in renovations, funds needed compared to savings generated as well as further investments. This might provide useful material for the management when deciding on future investments.

Finally, participants learned about the implementation of ICT monitoring system, the Project pilot action carried out in partnership with Metropolitan District Prague 11. The presentation focused on installation of facilities in Ke Kateřinkám primary school, presenting photos demonstrating how the consumption monitoring system works. The deputy principal informed about the weak points as well as advantages resulting from the system operation.