II Energy Days in Bologna: how to talk on energy to citizens

by  Patrizia Marani

August 28, 2013

Last May and June the Municipality of Bologna organised the Energy Days 2013 of GovernEE.

The Energy Days deal with topics apparently very technical and complex in a way that make them simple for citizens and young students.

The experts in informal communication of the Showroom Energy and Environment together with the technicians of the Municipality, explained to citizens and students the actions and results of GovernEE, the energy policy of the Municipality and the actions that citizens can implement in their homes.

On 3 May the Energy Day took place during the Green Social Festival, the annual event in Bologna dedicated to sustainability.

In the beautiful location of the historic building Palazzo Re Enzo, right in the main square of Bologna, we organised a stand with information materials; here our scientific facilitators involved students and citizens in amusing challenges and small hands-on experiments to explain the European energy policy and the energy choices for buildings of the Municipality.

On 7 June the Energy Day joined the celebration of the first year of the SEAP – the Sustainability Energy Action Plan of Bologna – and the subscription of the Plan by other 11 organisations (University of Bologna, Chamber of Commerce, WWF Bologna and others).

The Energy Days were organised in Ca’ Shin / Parco Cavaioni, an ancient house of the beginning of the XX century which has been renovated according to  sustainability criteria and open to the public. Citizens were guided through the technologies and practices that make a building energy efficient. We also explained what the Municipality is doing to renovate the public and historic buildings of the city.

The meeting “We are the change” was very appreciated by the public. Norbert Lantschner, the creator of CasaClima (ClimateHouse Agency) – the first energy certification system for houses – explained in a very lively and engaging way how each choice of a citizen contributes to the fight against climate change.

The Day ended with the meetings dedicated to children: Andrea Vico, scientific writer and author of books for children on energy, organised workshops on the intelligent use of energy, games and experiments.

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