Integrated transnational and cross-sectoral toolkit

by  francesca visintin

August 30, 2013

This transnational Toolkit has been organised especially so as to facilitate the path and the verifies that each public administration
faces in managing its building heritage and particularly the historical heritage.
The Toolkit is represented by 10 steps and 2 levels.
The 10 Steps indicate the fundamental topics to tackle: from organizational aspects of the offices, to operating tools for diagnosis, monitoring and contracts necessary for good management.

The first level or first card gives a quick overview ofthe topic, for each step, and provides the necessary strategic content, in a brief but concise explanatory card.
References to the documents of GovernEE are indicated a direct download of the documents through a link at the bottom of each card.
The same card is valid for both types of buildings: for public buildings and for the public historic buildings.

The second level or “focus” gives more details about the topic, going in deep in explanations and contents or gives demonstration examples. Each card usually contains two sections: one for public buildings and one for the public historic buildings.

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