Sustainable EE Projects – setting up our childrens future (2 posts)

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  • Alessia Vecchiet said 5 years, 12 months ago ago:

    How can we ensure that a project / action on energy efficiency of the public administration is supported – and can go on – when the political and managerial decision-makers change, following the change of the political board (elections…)?

  • Alessia Vecchiet said 5 years, 8 months ago ago:

    How to help children become sustainability “thinkers” for the future ?
    The sustainability is a way of thinking and living and some thinks can be done for stimulating curiosity and interest in children:
    -Developing an appreciation for the natural environment
    -Explain well the role of the energy, the importance of energy saving
    -Emphasize our connection with others, intendend people and nature
    -Sustainability involves making conscious decisions
    Is anybody involved in projects about energy saving and energy efficiency that can be promoted to children?