2013 Renewable Energy Progress Report


Március 27, 2013

On 27 Március 2013, the European Commission published its first Renewable Energy Progress Report under the framework of the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive. Since the adoption of this directive and the introduction of legally binding renewable energy targets, most Member States experienced significant growth in renewable energy consumption. 2010 figures indicate that the EU as a whole is on its trajectory towards the 2020 targets with a renewable energy share of 12.7%.

Ráadásul, -ban 2010 the majority of Member States already reached their 2011/2012 interim targets set in the Directive. Viszont, as the trajectory grows steeper towards the end, more efforts will still be needed from the Member States in order to reach the 2020 targets.

With regard to the EU biofuels and bioliquids sustainability criteria, Member Statesimplementation of the biofuels scheme is considered too slow.

In accordance with the reporting requirements set out in the 2009 Directive on Renewable Energy, every two years the European Commission publishes a Renewable Energy Progress Report. The report assesses Member Statesprogress in the promotion and use of renewable energy along the trajectory towards the 2020 renewable energy targets.

The report also describes the overall renewable energy policy developments in each Member State and their compliance with the measures outlined in the Directive and the National Renewable Energy Action Plans. Ráadásul, in accordance with the Directive, it reports on the sustainability of biofuels and bioliquids consumed in the EU and the impacts of this consumption.

Download the report here.

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