The SEAP of the City of Bologna was awarded the competition for the best Italian SEAP


Augusztus 30, 2013

The SEAP – Sustainability Energy Action Plan – of the City of Bologna was awardeding the competition for the best Italian SEAP, sponsored by Climate Alliance in collaboration with Kyoto Club.
Bologna Paes won the firstprize in the category “bigcity(Municipalities -valmore than 90,000inhabitants) among 80 participants to the competition.

The SEAP A Bolognahas distinguished itselffor having implemented a process A effective participation A more than 120 stakeholders, both public and private, of the city.Of these, 40 have also signed the Protocol, committing valójában to actively participate in the implementation phaseof the plan.

-Ban 2008 the Municipality of Bologna joined the European Covenant of Mayors which has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions of its territory by at least 20% által 2020.
To pursue this goal in May 2012 the City Council approved the SEAP that describes the context and the detailed inventory of emissions by sector, illustrates the activities already developed and in progress and outlines the objectives, lines of action and the actions to be implemented in the coming years. The main areas of intervention are 6:

1. residential buildings
2. service sectorésmanufacturing
3. energy production
4. mobility
5. középületekand public lighting

To act in these areas citizens involvemeny is essential. Ezért on 2012 the City started the process of stakeholder engagement, és in particularof the economic actors and their organizations. The path led to the signing of the “Memorandum A Understanding for the implementation of the SEAPand the start of implementation projects promoted by different actors across the territory.

Thanks to the participation to GovernEE, we could discuss on the topic of EE in public buildings during the meetings of the SEAP and in particular we draw the attention to historic buildings of a vast group of local stakeholders.