Ecological pilot project, accompanied by scientific support – Lange Gasse 7 in Quedlinburg

általfrancesca visintin

September 25, 2013

After the foundation of the German Timber Frame Center Quedlinburg 1999 under the patronage of the ZHD Fulda, the Center constitutes as independent nonprofit association, now under the patronage of the German Foundation for monument protection, the State Saxony-Anhalt and the municipality Quedlinburg, supported by the BauBeCon Sanierungsträger GmbH and the Nord/LB State Bank Saxony- Anhalt. At present there are 9 permanent employees, 2 trainees and 5-6 one year volunteers working in the field of historic preservation in different projects, pi.. in historic preservation and maintenance as well as in the documentation of the historic structure. Beside the historic architectural survey (pi.. castle Stolberg, Priest houses St. Jacobi in Lübeck), a sound construction survey, the ecological and substance preventing rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings and construction elements jointly with participants of the stonemasons’ lodge for youngsters and with our carpenter trainees we are engaged as well in projects simultaneously with construction progress, implementing and evaluating scientific investigations together with other partners.(pi.. Goldstr. 25 and Klopstock-summer cottage in Quedlinburg).

These findings should be used to the benefit of principals, planners and patrons, who are confronted to retrofitting and monument protection. One of these research projects will be presented below.

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